Operated by the Portland Veteran Firemen's Association
Since 1891

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Volunteers at the Fire Museum are working to research and log all of the exhibits. Two stories appear below, both are related to artifacts at the museum. 

Our collection of photos contains some historical briefs. Check Back Often for new historical information and new photographs. 

Two Historical Features:
Telegraph Cable                 Chair



What is in the museum?

Main Floor

  • Original Horse Stalls

  • 1938 McCann pumper Engine 12

  • 1848 Crockett hand tub & reel

  • 1867 Button hand pumper

  • 1857 Jeffords hand pumper

  • Original alarm panel of Engine 4 w/gongs & phone

  • Machinery & equipment from 1909 Fire Alarm Office of PFD

  • Speaking trumpets (duty & presentation)

  • Photos

  • Badges

  • Slide Poles

  • Helmet w/shields & small relics


Second Floor

  • Portraits

  • Lithographs

  • Paintings

  • Photographs

  • Company Logs

  • Department Records

  • PVFA Records

  • Documents

  • Flags & banners

  • Equipment from hand & steam times

  • Files of research material








Do you have items from the Portland Fire Department? Badges, photos, news articles, equipment are all important items to the members of the Portland Veteran Firemen's Association. We would be happy to work with you to preserve those items for display at the museum. Items new & old are welcome, we make history everyday!
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